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When a prospective client contacts my office by telephone, generally an appointment Is immediately set.

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Consumer Bankruptcy

Commercial Bankruptcy

Summaries of Bankruptcy Chapter 7, 13, 11


Creditor Representation

Complex & Unusual Cases

Defense Of Nondebtor Transferees

Fraudulent Transfer

Consultation Process

  • For a normal consumer case for individuals, one hour is usually sufficient.
  • For cases involving multiple entities, complex fact situations, or pending or potential litigation, two hours is probably better.
  • In individual cases with moderate consumer debt, a free consultation is often given.
  • In cases involving businesses, business debt, investment property, property or transfer complications, litigation, or more than moderate consumer debt, my best skills are immediately called into play, solutions immediately sought, and generally these meetings are billable at the current hourly rate.
  • Contact us today. Call us at 727-584-8161 In the consultation I will first gather the facts pertinent. The kinds and approximate amounts of debt; the various properties owned, their values and the amounts of liens, mortgages or other encumbrances. It is absolutely critical that every right to anything of value the debtor has or may have been volunteered. All property of any kind must be disclosed and anything omitted will be trouble. Litigation issues, health circumstances, prior bankruptcies, moving to Florida less than four (4) years ago, and other complications should be promptly revealed. When I know all fads regarding your assets and liabilities, as well as your finances, earnings, and expenses, I can then teach a crash-course in bankruptcy to you as it applies to your fact situation.

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